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Services We Offer:

City Permits For Signs

All cities require permits to be submitted before doing any kind of exterior construction on a building. We have worked all across Missouri and know what is allowed in many municipalities. Once the concept is established, streamlining the construction is the next task at hand, let us take care of it.

Sign Design and Print

Bahr Signs designers are some of the best in the industry! They are true artist who have spent years honing their craft. Our Designers approach each project with the goal to make an iconic statement for your business. We can work from existing ideas you may have, or come up with a design from scratch. We also print 99% of our work locally and in house.

Sign Installation

Sign installation IS NOT as simple as just digging a hole or putting a few screws into a wall. A sign installed by an unqualified or under-equipped company is an accident waiting to happen that can cost you a lot of money. We take safety and sign installation very serious! Our installers and service techs are true professionals with years of experience who pay close attention to the details of your project. We also work closely with landlords and city municipalities for an approved finished product. You can rest assured that your sign will be installed safely and correctly the first time, with minimal change to your structure.

Sign Repair

Hail, severe thunderstorms, or high speed winds can damage your sign. Sometime these things cannot be helped but they can be repaired. Bahr signs specialises in fixing or creating the sign you had to get your name back out to the public.